America's Got Talent


ER Productions was delighted to work on the 11th series of hit US TV show, America's Got Talent, with Production Company, SYCOtv. With 10-million vewers, this was a great opportunity for ER to create a range of striking laser looks for the three group stages, the semi-finals and the nail biting final show.  

Lawrence Wright, General Manager of ER Productions US, worked closely with the America’s Got Talent show creatives, Brian Burke and Harriet Elias, to devise set ups for each performance in a group.  Following creative meetings with the America’s Got Talent production team and Lighting Designer Noah Mitz, Lawrence designed and visualised looks for each act. 


ER productions supplied Laser Blade, Lase-Array, Beamburst, DMX controlled BB3s, Excellent 21 scanning lasers and Tripan fixtures, which were used in a variety of combinations during the group stages. 

With only one chance to get it right, Lawrence programmed each show during rehearsals, operating the laser sequences during the live shows. As one would expect from a live TV format such as this, there was an extremely tight turnaround between shows, but ER’s highly skilled technical team rose to the occassion. 

Lasers used in the production can be seen in performances by Laura Bretan, Outlawz, Jayna Brown, Malevo and Brian Justin Crum to name but a few.

Products we used


A nifty piece of kit, Laserblade is a lightweight, full colour, 30-channel DMX array fixture


BB3 is the latest DMX fixture in ER’s Beamburst range. Although compact and light, it still packs a punch


A high powered, full colour, all OPSL laser system with high speed X/Y scanning and DMX grating effects