Axwell & Ingrosso

ADE Festival 2016

Amsterdam’s ADE Festival is the largest international celebration of dance music in the world, bringing 450 unique events, 2,200 artists and a crowd of 350,000 fans to the ultra-cool Dutch city. With a program featuring the hottest EDM acts, performing at 140 venues around Amsterdam over five-days, the festival shines a light across the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres.

ER Productions supplied its biggest ever dance music concert rig for the world-renowned DJ double act, Axwell and Ingrosso, at the Heineken Music Hall.  Working with legendary Lighting Designer, Andy Hurst, the spectacular display of lasers was operated by ER’s Lawrence Wright. 

Contributing to a performance at a key event during the festival gave ER Productions the chance to use the newly launched Cyclone to create stunning custom effects for the duo’s opening sequence. Rigged onto Kinesys motors and focused down onto the stage, the Cyclone appeared to teleport the DJs to their opening positions.

To create this stunning effect, the motorised Cyclone was lowered to floor level above the DJs, who were positioned beneath the stage out of audience view. Elevated gradually by stage lift, the Cyclone was synchronised to rise in time with the duo’s upward trajectory as if sucking them out of nowhere, which can be seen in this video.

Another key component in the opening sequence was the sound design, which began with the building beat of helicopter blades.  Interestingly, this was enhanced by the rhythmic rotation of ER’s Laserblades, which were rigged onto lighting trusses and timed in with the beat. Additional Laserblades were rigged around the stage creating a cage effect, which framed the highly visual production.  It was an epic entrance to a show that delivered from beginning to end.

In total, ER Productions supplied 101 laser fixtures consisting of BB3s, Laserblades and the Cyclone, which were set off by all-important atmospheric effects.

In order to realise Andy’s vision and ensure the show went without a hitch, ER’s crew and kit were sent to Amsterdam early to maximise rehearsal time at the location.

Products we used


A lightweight, full colour, 30-channel DMX array fixture used in our work for artists including Metallica and Faithless.


Mounted vertically or horizontally, Cyclone's multi-directional head creates geometric shapes and cage effects.


The BB3 is the latest DMX fixture in ER’s Beamburst range. Although compact and light, it still packs a punch.