Brit Awards

For several years now, ER Productions has been the visual energy behind many of the Brit Awards’ headline-grabbing live performances. 

2014 signalled the Brit Awards’ biggest show in its 37-year history, so it needed a suitably large laser show to boot! ER Productions supplied 23 high-powered OPSL systems, giving the ceremony a massive 497 watts in laser power.

Three artists requested lasers for their performances, so ER Productions worked closely with the show’s lighting director, Dave Davey, to ensure each effect was on the money and adhered to stringent safety regulations.

Brit Awards openers, the Arctic Monkeys, used white and yellow laser systems to accompany their track, R U Mine.

Perhaps the most dramatic performance of the night came courtesy of international pop sensation Katy Perry, who danced in front of a giant, white laser-lit recreation of the Brit Awards statue – constructed using mapping techniques.

ER Productions also used bright greens, magentas and cyan lasers during Katy’s performance, to mimic the neon colours worn by her troupe of dancers.

Finally, former Brits Rising Star award winner, Ellie Goulding, used laser effects to bring her performance of the track Burn to life.  Burst effects in yellow and white, with red diffraction, helped create a visual interpretation of the song’s key message.

In 2015, ER Productions returned to the show, using Beamburst lasers to enhance Royal Blood’s live performance. 

Products we used

Phaenon AT

Full colour laser system with high speed X/Y scanning and DMX gobo wheel creating grating and lumier effects.


6-channel DMX fixture producing full colour, high powered single beams or rotating diffraction grating.


Powerful green, all OPSL laser system with high speed X/Y scanning and DMX grating effects.