Glastonbury, ROOT1066 & Eden

Designed by world-renowned artist Chris Levine in collaboration with Edenlab and ER Productions, the iy_project is a series of three unique light and sound installations, which use high powered production lasers to create breathtaking, meditative works of art.  

Glastonbury 2016

In one of the most emotive and goose bump inducing sets at Glastonbury 2016, an orchestra performed a symphonic interpretation of David Bowie's iconic album ‘Heroes’, by composer Philip Glass.  Throughout the haunting tribute to the legendary rock star, the night sky was filled with beautifully choreographed lasers.

To create the scheme, ER Productions rigged Excellent 21 lasers to the upstage truss, focussing the beams over the audience; with three single colour red Lase-Arrays projecting triangular beams across the stage. Levine's swirling nebula patterns were created using 18WRGBB lasers projected through lumina glass. Viper deLuxe and Unique hazers were strategically placed on the stage and in audience locations to highlight the all of the lasers used in the show.

During the pre-programming stages at the ER Productions facility in Dartford, the decision was made for Chris Levine to operate the lasers for the final movement of the Symphony live, using Pangolin Beyond 2.1 operating software and midi controllers. 


Following the success of Glastonbury, iy_ project created a spectacular installation for the ROOT1066 International Festival, which marked the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings and William the Conqueror’s invasion of England.

ER Productions used high-powered lasers diffracted into geometric and organic light forms to illuminate Hastings Old Town and project a beacon across the English Channel to Normandy, marking the route of the Norman Conquest.

To achieve the effect, Excellent 21 lasers were rigged to the end of Hastings Pier and projected back towards the buildings lining the seafront. Two Phaenon Pro 30000 lasers were placed in separate locations, one of which was rigged to Hastings Castle, with its beam directed towards Normandy.  The second Phaenon unit was rigged to the Beaming office building and focused onto Hastings pier, creating light forms that played across the wooden sub level structure. Both units were operated remotely using wireless DMX controls. 

Completing Levine's stunning design, ER Productions used red Lase-Array fixtures mounted onto the Pier’s café to create two, metre-long, triangles with RGB Beamburst lasers at the centremost point. 

Eden Project Winter Festival

To conclude the very successful year with the iy_project, ER Productions collaborated on the Winter Festival at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Multiple laser systems with a traditionally festive colour palette of red, magenta, blue, green and white were set against the stunning Cornish landscape, creating a unique effect reminiscent of the Northern Lights. 

To immerse visitors in the incredible display, green Lase-Arrays were projected above and across the site, within Eden’s iconic biomes and down into non-audience areas.

Visitors to Eden could gaze at the stunning laserscape from an outdoor viewing gallery or enjoy individual elements of the installation by way of the site’s winding pathways. In the Mediterranean Biome, an enchanting undercover experience was created using ARC Regus, red Lasearray and Beamburst fixtures.

ER’s skilled laser programmers, worked closely with Chris Levine and the team at EdenLab to ensure that the laser and sound elements were synchronized perfectly. 

Products we used

EX 25

A high powered, full colour, all OPSL laser system with high speed X/Y scanning and DMX grating effects


A single colour array A small, lightweight, single colour array fixture in red, green or blue

Phaenon Pro 30000

A powerful full colour laser system with high speed X/Y scanning and DMX gobo wheel for grating and lumier effects