Water Canal 2015

It’s always a pleasure to work in Dubai, so the team at ER Productions were thrilled to be invited to create a one-off laser show for the long-awaited opening of the Dubai Water Canal in 2016.

The 3.2km canal, which leads to the Burj Kalifa and links the Dubai Creek with the Arabian Gulf, provides 24-hour access by boat to a new development of luxury hotels, housing, restaurants and shops at the heart of the city.

Working in partnership with Prodea Entertainment, ER Productions choreographed a 4-minute laser show for the opening ceremony to highlight key features of the development including six huge bridges that cross the canal.  Unveiled by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who was involved in the project from the outset, the event was an electric celebration of vision and urban design. To that end, ER Productions installed a whopping seventy-eight laser fixtures across the expansive location. 

With Tripan RGB lasers and CO2 jets installed on the main stage, ER Productions designed bespoke graphics for the opening segment, which was projected onto water screens on the stage to accompany a troupe of aerial performers. At the end of the opening 4-minute segment, the Sheikh lit a beacon across to the first bridge, triggering an awesome laser sequence, which travelled the full course of the 3.2km canal and beyond into the night sky. Lasers were rigged on each bridge to create a connective skyline canopy for the Sheikh, who travelled the length of the newly opened waterway by canal boat.

A total of seventy-two lasers comprised of Phaenon Pro fixtures, BB3s and Laserblades were rigged onto each bridge by ER Productions, the latter of which created a striking crisscrossing effect around the Sheikh’s boat as the display concluded.

Big outdoor events like this require large quantities of gear and a skilled team of specialist technicians that can meet the logistical and environmental challenges. Although designing and executing this project within budget was a challenge, ER Productions was able to deliver beyond the client’s expectations and staged the largest outdoor laser display Dubai has ever seen.

Products we used


A lightweight, full colour, 30-channel DMX array fixture used in our work for artists including Metallica and Faithless.

Phaenon Pro 30000

The most powerful full colour laser system in its range, the Pro 30000 creates grating and lumier effects.


The BB3 is the latest DMX fixture in ER’s Beamburst range. Although compact and light, it still packs a punch.