National Day

When Kuwait celebrated the 50th anniversary of its Constitutional Day in 2012 it was an incredibly auspicious occasion, and ER Productions was privileged to be part of this significant event.

ER Productions was asked to supply more than 235 watts of laser power to accompany a record-breaking show, in which 75,000 fireworks were set off within the space of an hour.

Efficiency was key to being part of such a high profile event, and ER Productions had completed a site survey and shipped over 3 tonnes of laser equipment to the Middle East within two weeks of confirming the contract.

For the big day itself, ER Productions created a full colour laser system rigged to one of the Kuwait Towers, which would form the centrepiece of the celebrations.

The towers were also the focal point for some sophisticated laser mapping activity, which could be seen from Green Island more than four kilometres away, the visual effects eventually breaking up around the capital city’s Al Corniche Club.

Kuwait’s official celebrations were split into five sections, and ER Productions had the important task of introducing each new chapter through five 20 metre cubes built out at sea. Each cube was located 165 metres away from the laser towers, which meant only the finest quality equipment could produce the desired effect. The title of each section was illuminated in Arabic on a cube.

Further lasers were required during the event on Green Island – and green proved a fitting colour for this part of the show. As the island was some four kilometres from the epicentre of the display, a wireless Ethernet system was used to operate and control these lasers.

Finally, to complete the stunning visuals, Al Corniche Club was surrounded by 14 Viper deLuxe smoke machines, controlled by another wireless solution.

One critical consideration for this project was the Middle East’s intense heat, and ER Productions choice of state-of-the-art technology withstood the demanding climate without fault, despite temperatures reaching 40 degrees.

Products we used

Excellent 21

High powered, full colour, OPSL laser system with high speed X/Y scanning and DMX grating effects.        

Pangolin LD

Ideal for tours, these control racks are designed to make laser show installations quick and easy.

RedCONNEX Wireless

A high performance wireless broadband with carrier-grade performance and reliability.