Design Biennial

ER Productions created an ethereal 3-dimensional laser sculpture for Jaguar, sponsor of the first London Design Biennale at Somerset House in London. During the unique exhibition, 37 countries showcased immersive installations by a host of designers, architects, writers, scientists and artists.

Sponsored by Jaguar, ER productions worked with the agency Imagination and Jaguar’s Creative Director, Hugo Nightingale, to create a unique 3-dimensional sculpture for the unique event representing the British car manufacturer’s heritage. 

The team at ER Productions used a combination of lasers and light guided technology to form the sleek silhouette of a futuristic vehicle, which transformed itself from Jaguar’s iconic E-Type, to its family sports car, the F-PACE. Video footage of the brand’s historic achievements, most notably the 1988 motor racing victory at Le Mans, completed the installation.

Lasers guided patrons of the Design Biennial through a futuristic gallery to the transcendent 3-D laser sculpture, which ER Productions positioned with such precision that the vehicle appeared to hover in the air.

To create the floating effect, ER Productions’ technical crew used side glow fibre optic cable, a robust and efficient technology, which enabled them to bend the laser beams back into the sculpture.

Products we used


A small, lightweight and flight friendly, yet high powered, full colour OPS laser.


Pangolin FB4

Ideal for touring, FB4 racks make laser show installations quick and easy.


ER E-Stop

Designed in house, the E-Stop Interface shuts down individual lasers at the touch of a button.