Heavy metal doesn’t get much heavier than Metallica, so it was huge compliment when the international music legends asked ER Productions to bring the wow factor to three of their biggest recent live events. 

ER Productions first started working with Metallica in 2012 supplying a festival rig for the band’s European Black Tour, equipped with more than 240 watts of laser technology.

Lasers were a risky move for Metallica, as the group was concerned that heavy metals fans would not embrace a laser show. ER made a tactical decision to use them during the song One, from their S&M album – and it went down a storm with the band’s legion of loyal fans.

ER Productions crew accompanied Metallica across Europe, expertly constructing and dismantling the white and green lasers that lined the stage at each venue. To enhance the atmosphere, Viper deLuxe smoke machines were added, which were wirelessly programmed to guarantee plumes of smoke regardless of wind direction!

Clearly the laser and atmospheric effects were a hit, as ER were invited to join Metallica the following year for an ambitious project: a 3D movie, shot during eight mammoth shows in Mexico City.

‘Completely insane’ and ‘mind blowing’ was the brief – and the end result didn’t disappoint. When it launched at the IMAX theatre, it was as if cinemagoers were on stage with Metallica. Lead singer James Hetfield was 38 feet tall, and their anthems roared out of the screen at 2,000 decibels.

Here’s the official trailer to give you some idea. 

That wasn’t the end; ER partnered with the band again in 2014 when they toured Europe with Metallica by Request, a different set list every night compiled based on the votes of fans attending each gig.

The European tour included a headline show at the renowned Glastonbury festival, where three crew rigged lasers all over the stage. It was a gruelling schedule, but well worth the hard work for the spectacular end effect! 

Products we used


A lightweight, full colour, 30-channel DMX array fixture.


6-channel DMX fixture producing full colour, high powered single beams or rotating diffraction grating.


White, blue and gold beamed all OPSL laser system with high speed X/Y scanning and DMX grating effects.