Queen & Adam Lambert 

World Tour

“The stage was suitably dressed for a spectacular show, flanked by giant video screens with another set inside an enormous Q,” proclaimed The Daily Telegraph when Queen’s world tour arrived in the UK in 2014, and the impressive staging was being lit by a spectacular laser effect from ER Productions.

When eponymous rock band Queen decided to return to the road, with American singer Adam Lambert stepping into Freddie Mercury’s shoes, ER Productions was honoured to provide laser effects for the 67-date extravaganza – kicking off with 36 dates in North America, Asia and Oceania, before a 31-date tour of Europe and South America in 2015.

In order to bring drama to Queen’s captivating songs and flamboyant performances, ER Productions provided 30 new RGB Beamburst lasers and 6 new Phaenon AT laser systems. These were not just ground-breaking in their intensity; run through a new OPSL unit, they enabled a market-leading standard of safety, allowing operators to reduce intensity far quicker than ever before.

To bring additional definition to Queen and Adam Lambert’s stage presence, the laser design featured two innovative gobo wheels, capable of producing multiple layers of laser effects.

The band’s tour has been a huge hit all over the world, with thousands of fans flocking to arenas and stadiums from Atlantic City to Stuttgart to soak up the incomparable experience of Queen live. 

Products we used


6-channel DMX fixture producing full colour, high powered single beams or rotating diffraction grating.


Full colour, all OPSL laser with high speed X/Y scanning and DMX grating effects.

Pangolin FB4

Ideal for tours, these control racks are designed to make laser show installations quick and easy.