Every year for the past five years, ER Productions has supplied laser effects for London’s South West Four (SW4) festival, and each year the staging gets more and more ambitious.

2015 marked ER Productions’ biggest SW4 project to date, supplying lasers for both the main stage and stage two, to accompany performances by artists including Chase and Status, Carl Cox, Faithless, Armin van Buuren, Fatboy Slim and Skrillex.

The main stage featured a combination of Beamburst, Laserblade and Phaenons, while the second stage was rigged with four ARC Regus laser systems.

Chase and Status in particular required a big rig for the dance festival, so ER Productions provided them with a green laser system featuring brand new diffraction scanning gratings, along with six Viper deLuxe smoke machines for added atmosphere.

The festival was a roaring success yet again in 2015, with Time Out proclaiming that the event beats clubbing in Ibiza.  Faithless’ Sister Bliss has been equally complimentary, saying SW4 has one of the friendliest crowds in London.

Products we used


A lightweight, full colour, 30-channel DMX array fixture.

Excellent 25

High powered, full colour, OPSL laser system with high speed X/Y scanning and DMX grating effects.

Excellent 24

A high powered, green, all OPSL Laser system, with high speed X/Y scanning and DMX grating effects.