The Voice

ER Productions has provided stunning laser effects for several series of UK reality television show The Voice, at both blind audition stage and during the final live shows.

Year-on-year, impressing the audience has meant upping the game visually. In 2013, ER Productions supplied an integral laser package to the show, with 14 systems rigged in different positions to deploy lasers for both competitor and guest artist performances, and achieve different looks throughout the show’s run.

Flexibility was a major ambition for the company during the series, as ER Productions did not want the set to start looking tired as a result of repeat laser effects. To avoid this, the team identified, assessed and approved a variety of different locations where laser rigs could be relocated during the run in between shows.

This creative journey continued right into 2015, when ER Productions implemented its biggest ever laser installation for The Voice UK. An ambitious range of 70 red Lase-Arrays were rigged, along with a number of pure white OPSL systems, to bring the show’s brand colours to life.

During the live finals, the laser systems were positioned so that they could create a square grid over the main stage performance area, adding dramatic tension to the competition.

Products we used

Phaenon AT

Full colour laser system with high speed X/Y scanning and DMX gobo wheel creating grating and lumier effects.


A popular, single colour array fixture available in red, green or blue.


6-channel DMX fixture producing full colour, high powered single beams or rotating diffraction grating.