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Pete Tong Ibiza Classics EU Tour

The incredible blend of dance anthems and classical music first came together in 2015 at the Ibiza Proms, and has since produced to two hit albums and a number of packed shows across Europe. Having successfully collaborated over the years, ER Productions had the pleasure of working with Pete Tong, Jules Buckley and the Heritage Orchestra on the Ibiza Classics Tour, throughout 2018, and are pleased to be invited to continue the EU Arena Tour run, into 2019.

The winter tour kicked off at Newcastle’s Metro Radio Arena on Thursday 22 November with its breath taking, energetic music, reworked by artistic director Chris Wheeler, and an array of singers and guests, including The Heritage Orchestra and Jules Buckley, and special guest vocalists Sinéad HarnettBecky Hill and Mysdiggi

ER’s lasers which included 28 BB4’s and 4 Storms, create a jaw-dropping visual display during re-worked favourites, and are programmed by ER’s Laser Technician, Alexandru Oita, to create a unique look for each track.

During ATB’s 9pm Till I Come, blue and white lasers fill the arena, amber and white lasers appear for Swedish House Mafia’s One, green and white lasers are cued for Faithless’ Insomnia, and pink, blue and white lasers provide a stunning party vibe during Robin S’s Show Me Love. The atmospherics are provided by 1 Look Solution’s Unique Hazer and 4 Viper deluxe, and all are controlled using Pangolin Beyond.

Laser Technician, Ollie Jenni is the one-man crew for this incredible run, and commented, “Pete Tong is famous for bringing amazing shows to the masses, so it is a complete honour to be a part of creating the party atmosphere with ER’s lasers.”

“It’s brilliant seeing the laser cues bring out even more energy in the crowd during the tracks. I’m looking forward to the upcoming shows in 2019, Pete Tong live is hard to beat!”

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