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When General Electric launched a super-efficient gas turbine at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Florence, the engineering giant called upon ER Productions to create a stunning laser feature to bring its innovative design to life.

A key element of the show was an incredible 4-minute graphic sequence of the engine, which included a fly through visualisation of the engine’s inner workings.  The lasers were also used to highlight critical manufacturing data on the screen.  To create the effect, six Tripan scanning lasers were projected onto laser gauze using 3D Studio Max and modelling software. Six further Tripan systems were used to create a light show either side of the laser gauze.

Laserblade units flanked the huge viewing screen and lined the guest walkway in the indoor environment.

A total of 71 laser fixtures were selected for the job, which included two of ER’s newly launched Cyclone lasers. Highly versatile in a variety of applications, the unit’s multi-directional head casts a range of geometric shapes and cage effects. The Cyclones, which were positioned stage left and right of the screen in the wings, animated the engine’s spinning capabilities and provided aerial effects during the showcase. ER Productions also designed and manufactured two bespoke laser barriers to guide GE’s VIPs around a viewing courtyard during the show.

It took ER Productions’ skilled team of laser technicians five-days to set, programme and dismantle the one-off event for GE.

 “It’s not often that you get free reign to create a design that relies solely on lasers. We loved working on the graphics and programming a show with blackout. The best compliment however, was the client running the sequence three more times during the evening.  It’s certainly going to be a hard job to beat.”

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