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When Samsung launched its latest Galaxy S7 in 2016, the technology giant wanted to stage an event that would make the entire world sit up and notice. Italian agencies, Eventually and Giò Forma, turned to ER Productions to create a world record breaking laser display.

ER worked closely with the multidisciplinary event teams to create a spectacular visual display in Milan’s Porta Nuova business district, connecting the city’s most iconic buildings using lasers. The epic 12-minute laser display, which peaked during a performance by DJ Fatboy Slim, drew thousands of spectators from across Milan.

A giant cuboid multimedia stage created out of video, lasers and light created a focal point at the heart of Milan’s Gae Aulenti Square for the performance by Fatboy Slim. Overhead, a complex network of powerful lasers were mapped across the highest skyscrapers in the city, which included the Bosco Verticale, Palazzo Lombardia, Solaris, Samsung and UniCredit buildings.

With an unparalleled beam profile that’s extremely tight and bright even at a distance, Coherent OPS laser units were selected from ER’s stock to use in the skyscraper sequence. A colour palette of blues and green with bursts of white laser helped to achieve a futuristic look that ran through video content to form the stage cube.

During Fatboy Slim’s set the colour range exploded to reflect the party vibe. With distances of up to a kilometre between buildings and stage, ER Productions used wireless artnet and fibre optics to connect the effects at each location.

Over 10-tonnes of kit comprising of 222 laser fixtures and an incredible 32 smoke machines were placed at various locations around the site including parks, balconies and rooftops, to create the record breaking laser show.

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