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ER  Concept Model

ER Lasers and Sfx HQ: Concept Model


Revealing the initial concept model for ER Productions’ new HQ building at Panorama, Dartford.


While the real ER Productions HQ will be a whopping 30,000sq ft, this 14 x 9” model gives a scaled-down tactile and immersive impression of the feature entrance, highlighting the bold structural interventions within the space that inform the overall design. 


The model was created by architectural firm RHJB on a desktop 3D printer at 1:50 scale - large enough to interpret key detail while still retaining its dramatic impression. However, at this scale it had to be printed as a series of component parts, with each component taking between 6 and 27 hours to print, and a total print and assembly time in excess of 200 hours. Detailed elements such as the lift, steel framed lift shaft, stairs and then balustrades were all drawn, printed and assembled separately due to their intricacy. Some parts of the design were simplified for the modelling process, in order to allow an overall impression of the space. 

Concept Model
Concept Model
Concept Model

Examples of these are the exposed roof structure and the profiled metal faces of the cantilevered containers, which are the driving force of the industrial aesthetic of the ER HQ.


The intention has always been to make this impressive entry space incredibly energetic and inviting. A striking angular feature stair will take centre stage - this will have a simple black metal frame construction, with mesh infill balustrades and oak treads rising from a structural plinth, angled to welcome users. Adjacent will be a glass sided lift that adorns a steel frame, where the entrance and exit are highlighted in bold colours.


The real showstopper is the introduction of a large format screen to the rear of the entrance foyer, displaying ER’s past and present projects in dynamic full motion. The history of the company and its clients is incredibly important, and past shows and memorabilia will also adorn the wall adjacent to the stair and through the corridors to either side.


Once you ascend up the angular stairway, which changes direction three times before arriving at the first floor, you’ll reach an upper lobby that capitalises on the large volume over the double height space. A spectacular view is created beyond the front entrance glazing, over the flood bunding to the River Thames and the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge beyond. 

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