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Glaciator Dynamic

Martin JEM Glaciator Dynamic is your complete solution for creating dense, billowy clouds of low-lying fog in any venue without the use of industrial gases or ice. Reduce noise with near-silent operation, perfect for theatrical applications.



L: 785 mm, W: 648 mm, H: 769 mm, Weight, dry: 124 kg

Coverage volume: 80 m3 (2825 ft3) minute

Fluid consumption, continuous maximum output: 70 ml minute

Ready time (minimum): 5-minutes

Integrated digital remote control, fast access keypad, DMX/RDM, master/client

Control parameters: Continuous or timer-controlled output

Low-Fog/Fan: Proportionally controlled output, 0-100%

Control panel with backlit LCD display and 6-button user interface or via RDM

DMX channels: 1/2

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