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Round Floor Pocket

The Round Floor Pocket (RFP 239) is a DMX/RDM controlled product, designed to be imbedded in the stage floor, or set wall, to conceal a fog output.  It can operate under pnematic pressure as part of an existing fog system, delivering fog or low fog to precise locations.

RFP is compatable with all MDG CO2, N2, and compressed air accessories, but is especially effective with ICE FOG Q low fog generator. It has a 9" (23cm) fog output, and a fog output distribution of 360 degrees, or with the aid of a rear shield plate 240 degrees. Mounted vertically or horizontally, the height can be adjusted to 3" (7.62cm) and 4" (10cm) above stage level to allow an unobsructed variable flow of low fog, or fog. 


Manufacturer MDG

Control: DMX/RDM

Power Supply: 100-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 50-watt

Weight: 7KG

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