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ER HQ: Interior Concept


Onsite the ER Productions’ new HQ roof is now firmly in place, while the initial interior concept plans have been revealed.


ER Productions’ architects, RHJB, were given a design brief to create the “WOW” factor, especially in key areas such as the informal reception area, boardroom and kitchen breakout space. They have more than delivered with the initial interior concept images, which include modern industrial styling such as exposed steelwork, and services with a raw mat

erial palette of brick, concrete and timber. Co-founder Ryan Hagen comments, ‘We wanted a new HQ that represented the company’s ethos of quality and innovation and represented us as market leader on an international scale - RHJB’s design has done just that.’

The dramatic ER HQ entrance will be an energetic and inviting space, with a striking angular feature stair taking centre stage. Visitors will be welcomed with the Eliud Kipchoge sub 2-hour marathon laser displayed on the ground in front of them. Amongst all the new, ER Productions want to maintain a strong connection to their preceding hard work and successes, and this is just one of many nods to past shows, events and awards throughout the new building. Memorabilia will adorn the wall adjacent to the stair and through the corridors to either side, with the framed works celebrating the rich history of this global company.

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On the upper level the top of the stairway will be framed by a conference room and entrance to open-plan offices. This will provide an impressive view, visible beyond the front entrance, to the River Thames and the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge beyond. Exposed services in theceiling will be partially screened with acoustic discs, necessary to address echo from the hard surfaces. These are interlaced with a mixture of traditional and contemporary lighting. The material choice remains strong here; glass, steel concrete and brick are brought together with warming timbers to create an entertaining and exciting environment. 

Screenshot 2020-01-09 at 17.00.54.jpg
Screenshot 2020-01-09 at 17.02.18.jpg

The main office space will be an open-plan mezzanine (already fondly nicknamed ‘The Mezz’), with angled containers providing private internal spaces that also break up the external wall line. A robust steel frame will define the breakout and kitchen spaces that are an important intervention within the clear open plan of the basic mezzanine.

Screenshot 2020-01-09 at 17.01.36.jpg

These informal areas, with views out towards the Thames, will be separated from the formal office zone by Mondrian style glazing, with clean black steel lines that further plays to the industrial aesthetic and is balanced with reclaimed scaffold boards as both wall and ceiling treatments. On the glazing will be an abstract interpretation of a laser display, offering a degree of privacy. The collection of furniture here capitalises on the rich colours taken from the ER logo, softening the more industrial surroundings. The kitchen space will be finished in an accent colour paired with a stark anthracite grey steel and matching worktop framed in a ply surround. A series of steel framed boxes are hung over the island providing yet further opportunity for natural planting and greenery, with lighting hung within the framework.

Screenshot 2020-01-09 at 17.02.09.jpg

The entire ER team can’t wait to see these concepts become a reality, and are keeping an eager eye on the site build progress, which is proceeding well as planned. Hagan is eagerly looking forward to the Grand Opening in October 2020, stating that, ‘It's perfect for our flagship Headquarters and we simply can’t wait to move into the space’.

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