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Kylie Kiss Me Tour

Kylie Kiss Me Tour

Kiss Me Once
World Tour 2014
ER Productions supplied an enormous 273 watts of laser power to Kylie’s ‘Kiss Me Once’ world tour, which kicked off in the UK in September 2014.

The equipment supplied included RGB Tripan and Beamburst lasers. Several of the Tripan lasers were strategically placed on stage to create aerial effects, while the rest were mapped onto a steel industrial set piece. For the mapping to be really precise, ER Productions used a front truss that was independent of any other moving fixtures.

Beamburst lasers provided additional, full colour, single beams and audience exposure effects.  To complete the look, custom built wing mirrors were attached to the front of the lasers to scan effects onto the stage.

ER Productions used new Pangolin Beyond software with the Tripan lasers and the Roadhog 4 console from High End Systems to control the Beamburst and atmospheric effects. With 67 projection zones, the Beyond software was certainly put to the test but it came out on top making light work of the mapping effects and creating a memorable end result for Kylie.

We look forward to being on the road with the show until it wraps in March 2015.

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