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The Foals

The Foals

The Foals
EU Tour 2014
The Foals sell out 2014 EU Tour was a night not to be missed and ER Productions were thrilled to be in on the action.   
ER Productions used Tripan scanning lasers and red Lase-Array to produced a stunning opening look for the band. All tracks were pre-programmed during rehearsals with the Lase-Arrays controlled via the Lighting Designer’s console using Pangolin software.

Diffraction grating within ER’s range of OPSL laser systems gives quick, effective, safe and stunning looks without the need for time consuming mirror alignment.

Safety is paramount when exposing audiences to lasers – ER’s trained technicians monitor levels constantly to ensure that MPE is not exceeded.

The crew at ER Productions are huge fans of The Foals, which made the tour extra special.

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