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50kg Double Winch

Electro Kabuki

Electro Kabuki is a global high-tech solution to guarantee a faultless reveal or a Kabuki Drop for a live event. Misfires, faulty releases and snagged drapes are a thing of the past. This award-winning design will reliably hold up to 50kg per unit. It can be used to drop balloons, backdrops, or cables on cue from a remote position. The load can be released as a vertical drop or angles up to horizontal.
Electro Kabuki has recently been used in projects for Ozzy Osbourne, Kylie Minogue's Golden Tour and Swedish House Mafia.

Feature: Fitted with weatherproof AMP CPC Series 1 connectors
Power Consumption: 6.6w
Weight: 1.4kg
Voltage Options: 230vac or 110vac (50 or 60 Hz)
Operating cable temp: -5 deg C to + 45 deg C

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