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The Bubble-ER is a custom compact design in a 6 inch tube with low power to produce random sized smoke bubbles you also have the option to turn the smoke off and have just bubbles.

Length : 310mm
Diameter: 150mm
Weight: 3.5kg
Control : DMX
Standard Max Run Time: 45mins ( Programmable to longer )

Crystal Maze Laser Shooting

We designed a laser shooting gun that fired from a rotating rocket, the laser hit from the rocket hit sensors made of fluorescent plastic that would detect when the laser hit . Once hit, the score indicator would change.

Custom Cyclone

Our custom ER Cyclone was designed and fabricated to have a hollow middle to give access to performers on stage or at world wide events.

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ER Laser Game

The ER Laser game was designed for mazes and escape rooms whereby when the laser is touched, a sensor detects the body and turns off making a perfect and safe environment for laser escapes. The control unit can be integrated with escape room and show control systems

Flame Control System

Propane Sniffer and Emergency Shutdown dollies - The Propane Sniff ER
Is a Propane Touring Frame with onboard gas detection. Each trolley features 6 circuits fitted with manual and electronic isolators, Quick connect Propane fittings & Electrical/Data connections.
The system allows for the safe deployment of large propane effects, with a 2 Stage on board gas detection system with auto shut off in the event on a propane leak.
The system also features remote E Stop to kill the supply of propane & warning lights when operating.

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Functioning Fire Stage Piece

ER Productions Fireplace with working controllable G-flame and concealed areas for swappable canisters. This fire place was used as a centre piece for Gary Barlow live Christmas 2021.

Giant Illuminating Balloons

Giant Illuminating Balloons, Designed in house the 4 helium balloons were stacked with a live cable running through them powering the LED's s uniformly to make the balloons glow. a special seal was created to stop the balloons popping with the cable running through them.

High Altitude Pyro Boards

Designed in house by ER Productions the High Altitude Pyro Board was created to safely mount and launch Pyrotechnics at multiple angles. Created from Aluminium for reliability and strength the board was designed with holes all throughout the separating walls to allow secure positioning of Pyro of any shapes and sizes.

The boards have been used for multiple effects across multiple shows including the RTRN II dance festival at Clapham whereby the boards were mounted above the stage to display a huge firework show above the crowd

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Laser Bow

ER Laser bow - Custom Laser bow design made in fusion360, the bow was designed to make a fan of lasers emit from the bow being battery operated means it could be used in any direction by anyone on stage

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