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Kinekt is an award-winning, small, lightweight, modular scanning laser. The laser fixture connects on both X and Y axis to create an endless array of laser scanned effects, as long or as wide as the stage or venue will allow, in any direction. The mounting system and brackets have been designed to enable connection to another Kinekt unit on any side of the fixture. Each Kinekt has a 3w laser comprising of red, green and blue diodes and comes with an in-built FB4 control and can by operated via DMX, Art-Net and BEYOND.

Laser Type: Diode
Wavelengths: 520nm, 450nm, 650nm
Beam Diameter: 7mm
Beam Divergence: 3mrd
NOHD: 187mt - FX: 30k Scanning
Input: DMX, ARTNET, FB4 - Electrical Input: 110 to 240v
Power Consumption: 100W
Weight: 6kg - Dimensions: 134 X 324 X 134mm


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