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Storm is a high-speed RGB scanning laser from ER Productions. Although it comes with an integral Pangolin FB4 control as standard, users can opt to control Storm using an external ILDA input if required. Storm is incredibly small and lightweight making it perfect for touring. Launched in the summer of 2017, Storm has been used in projects for the Italian superstar, Vasco Rossi, Pete Tong and One Republic.

Laser Type: Diode
Wavelengths: 520nm, 445nm, 637nm
Beam Diameter: 4mm
Beam Divergence: 0.65mrd
NOHD: 1.4km - FX: 30k Scanning
Input: FB4, ILDA
Electrical Input: 100 to 245v - Power Consumption: 600W
Weight: 12kg - Dimensions: 200 X 250 X 300mm


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