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Ice Fog Q

The Densest low fog you've never seen
Our high output ICE FOG Q creates a thick dense low-lying fog with zero residue without the use of dry ice.

Fluid consumption
90 ml (3.04 oz) per minute at full output
Low pressure version: refrigerated
High pressure version: non-refrigerated
Low pressure version: 3 L (0.79 US gallon) at 15.5 bar (225 psi) per minute
High pressure version: 2.77 kg (6 lb) at 60.3 bar (875 psi) per minute
2.5 L (0.66 US gallon)
Low pressure version: 180 L (48 US gallon) canister (DEWAR) = 70 minutes
High pressure version: 35 kg (77 lb) canister = 13.25 minutes
8 minutes Warm up time(maximum)
MDG Low Fog Fluid
Total length
1.71 m (67 3/8“)

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