Biffy Clyro

Reading & Leeds Festival


ER Productions supplied an arsenal of laser systems for Biffy Clyro’s Headline slots at the 2013 Reading and Leeds Festivals.

A key component in the show were the 40 Lase-Array, which were rigged on an upstage truss with the beams directed across the downstage edge. To speed up the overnight installation process and ensure the Lase-Arrays were focussed at just the right angle, ER Productions custom built 40 boom arms in advance of the show from which the fixtures could be easily, quickly and precisely suspended.

In addition, to the Lase-Array Excellent 21 OPSL as well as gold SLP laser systems with internal DMX were used to create safe audience exposure effects. 10 Viper deLux were strategically positioned across the stage to enhance the atmospherics.

The overall laser design was influenced by the television broadcast. For example, ER Productions created shot opportunities for the pit cameras by showing members of the band surrounded by the 400 Lase-Array beams. Working in collaboration with the band’s tour video crew, the TV Director captured additional shots of the band bathed in laser light on 20 metre screens upstage.

Although it was a mammoth production, the show looked superb on TV.