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ER Productions, EdenLab & internationally renowned artist Chris Levine have joined forces yet again this year, creating another impressive sonic installation, this time for The Eden Project's new Winter festival of Light and Sound!


Following the laser and sound tribute to David Bowie with conductor Charlie Hazlewood, which headlined at Glastonbury Festival, the unique event launched on November 25 and will run to December 30th 2016 at the iconic Biomes in Cornwall.

Multiple laser systems with a traditionally festive colour palette of red, magenta, blue, green and white have been set against the stunning Cornish landscape creating a laserscape reminiscent of the Northern Lights. 

Marc Webber, Co-founder of ER Productions comments, “It is a pleasure to be working with Chris Levine again on another unique project. We’ve used a range of lasers, which scan overhead across the Eden site and focus down into non-audience areas, to immerse visitors in the display. The lasers inside the biome are vibrant and bright and we’ve used atmospheric smoke effects to highlight them.  It’s not every day you get to see lasers in a setting like this and it looks absolutely incredible.”

Visitors to the Eden Project can gaze at the stunning vista from an outdoor viewing gallery or take a stroll through the site’s winding pathways, where high powered green Laserray fixtures cast beams across the site. In the Mediterranean Biome, an enchanting undercover experience has been created using ARC Regus, red Lasearray and Beamburst laser fixtures.

“Our skilled programmers, Rupert Morse and Andrew Turner, worked closely with Chris and the team at EdenLab to ensure that the lasers and sound were synchronized. The quality of the overall production is in no small part a credit to their efforts.”

Beautifully-choreographed to a score performed by top musical and vocal talent from across the South West, which has been directed by singer-songwriter Jamie Crowe and choir leader Vicky Abbott, Eden’s Festival of Light and Sound can be experienced throughout December.

Eden's Managing Director Gordon Seabright said: "This Christmas at Eden promises to be our most enchanting yet.   Festival of Light and Sound will be an unmissable new event that draws people together with beautiful music and astounding visual effects, inspiring them to feel that they are more connected to each other and the natural world."

For more information about the event visit www.edenproject.com

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