Miami Ultra



ER Productions teamed up with LD Andy Hurst and EDM act Pendulum at Miami Ultra this year, creating a stunning backdrop for the duo's first live performance since going on hiatus in 2012. 


Bringing the 18th edition of the USA’s premier EDM festivals to a close, the DJing and vocal electronica two piece were joined on stage by Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello and Canadian EDM legend deadmau5.

Renowned for their show stopping laser choreography, ER Productions along side Andy Hurst created a strong laser look for the Pendulum show incorporating a wide selection of lasers into the performance. ER’s arsenal included Laserblades, Tripans, RGB Beambursts, Excellent 21s and the company’s latest innovation, a multi-directional, rotating, scanning laser system, aptly named Cyclone. Mounted vertically or horizontally, the Cyclone pans and tilts to create a host of stunning, full colour geometric and cage effects.

All lasers were connected to the house system and controlled using ER’s FB4 control racks and Pangolin Beyond, which was triggered front-of-house. 

Tom Vallis, lead technician at ER Productions commented “Working at Miami Ultra was a great experience but not without its challenges.  For example, we had to integrate full band production onto a festival stage geared up for DJs. With such a short changeover there was no margin for error – once the lasers were operational we had to ensure all safety levels were met before handing control over to Pendulum’s lighting director. Thankfully, the Cyclone’s modular design made for an easy assembly and derig. Just what we needed when time was against us.

Photo © Philippe Wuyts 



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