Like I Would


Kitted out in a neon suit vaguely reminiscent of 80s movie classic Tron, Zayn Malik’s video for the single, Like I Would, has become an internet sensation and ER Productions was instrumental in creating its futuristic look. 


Malik is encased in a cage of lasers in the video, which was created using ER Productions’ latest innovation, a multi-directional, rotating, scanning laser system called Cyclone. Mounted vertically or horizontally creating a host of stunning, full colour geometric effects, the Cyclone created a focal point around Malik, while a backdrop of Tripan lasers, red Lase-Array and green Lase–Array completed the look.

Released in March, the video was directed by Director X at Santa Clarita studios, where blockbusters like Django and Planet of the Apes were filmed. 

Lawrence Wright, General Manager at ER Productions’s US office in Las Vegas commented “After an initial meeting with Zayn’s creative team and Director X to go over video concepts, we devised a high impact laser design using only a small amount of kit. With filming being done in only one day, we had to be resourceful when it came to positioning and focusing the laser units. To beat the clock and allow time for programming, we used an efficient and easy to change rig, preparing as much as we could in advance.”

Marc Webber, co-Director at ER Productions adds, “We’re so proud of the work on the Zayn video.  Not only does it showcase our latest laser innovation, the Cyclone, it’s a testament to the hard work and vision of our US team, helmed by Lawrence” 



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