Enrique Iglesias

& Pitbull Live!


Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull Live! is the second US concert tour from the suave Spanish singer and the equally smouldering American rapper, which went on the road in June. 


Played out in two parts, the show opens with an hour long solo set by Iglesias or Pitbull, who alternate during the run. A second solo set occurs after the intermission, with the artists joining each other on stage for the finale.

Lawrence Wright, general manager of ER Productions US operation, worked closely with Iglesias’s lighting and show designer, Travis Shirley and Pitbull’s, Tom Sutherland, to provide a huge laser package for the ongoing tour.  

“The brief for Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull Live! was simple, both designers wanted to punctuate key moments in the show with a range of dramatic, sexy laser looks. For example, we’re using diffraction effects to create mini laser solos, during which the lighting and video is completely cut”, comments Wright.

“To achieve each of the designers’ visions, we specified a versatile laser package comprised of twenty-two BB3 units, which were used during both solo performances and in the joint finale. The BB3s are focused down on to the stage and out over the audience, creating a multi-level laser canopy overhead.  Four Tripan scanning systems and six Beamburst fixtures were used exclusively in Pitbull’s set. We’re also using six Viper deLuxe smoke machines to ensure the lasers are seen at their best. All of the lasers and atmospheric effects are controlled using a High End Systems’ Hedgehog 4 and Pangolin Beyond.”

To create the canopy, ER Productions rigged fourteen BB3s onto a special truss featuring drop down brackets, which moved the lasers below the lighting fixtures when required during shows.

“We’re thrilled to be working with two of the world’s most prominent Latino artists on their massive joint tour! We were tasked with creating dramatic and passionate laser sequences that reflect the atmosphere on-stage and our team have knocked it out the park.  I couldn’t be happier with how it looks”, he concludes. 

How we did it





laser fixtures


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