Meet Kinekt...

The World's First Modular Laser System


With a track record of developing and manufacturing cutting edge laser systems, ER Productions is delighted to announce the release of its latest innovation - a unique modular laser system called Kinekt. 


“The Kinekt is an evolution of our Laserblade and Lase-Array products, which dramatically changed the laser industry.  They were the first laser fixtures to enable laser beams to project parallel arrays of beams – Kinekt is the next step”, says Ryan Hagan, co-founder of ER Productions  

ER Productions has every right to be proud of the Kinekt, a small, light-weight modular laser system that can connect to any number of additional Kinekt units. The laser beams emitted by each Kinekt laser fixture meet on an X and Y axis to create laser scanned effects. When joined together, the Kinekt units can create an endless array of laser beams as long or as wide as a venue or stage will allow in any direction.

KINEKT comes with an FB4 control in-built and works with DMX, Art-Net and BEYOND, the connections on the KINEKT allow for simple in and out daisy chain connection. Each KINEKT has a 3-watt laser beam comprised of red, green and blue diodes. The mounting system and brackets have been designed to enable connection to another unit on any side of the fixture, which means any shape can be created including squares, crosses, circles etc.

Hagan continues, “When we set out to develop Kinekt, we wanted to design an array fixture that wasn’t restricted to either a horizontal or vertical axis and could be used modularly, allowing us to create different shapes and forms, some of which were not achievable until now.”

With the largest and most versatile collection of laser solutions in the world, Ryan and his business partner, Marc Webber, can get new product ideas into development and to market more quickly than their competitors.

“We started developing our own range of lasers back in 2013, experimenting with the tools we had and trying to find different ways of using lasers creatively. I think the secret of our success is that Ryan, myself, our specialist project managers, programmers and technicians are always out on the road, working on a huge body of creative work.  This is fed back into our product development and keeps everyone’s creative juices flowing”, Marc Webber adds.    

Since launching Kinekt this summer, the system has been used to create custom laser designs for the superstar DJ duo, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, at Creamfields Steelyard, on the Robbie Williams Heavy Entertainment Show tour and during the Italian singer, Vasco Rossi’s record breaking show at Enzo Ferrari Park in Modena.

With 500 Kinekts now in stock, ER Productions is poised to launch a complimentary truss system, which will make installing large numbers of Kinekt fixtures more streamlined. Using the custom fabricated Kinekt Truss, ER Productions can pre-rig hundreds of fixtures in advance of them being shipped around the world. 

You can read more about the Kinekt here.