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Honda Civic Tour


ER Productions has launched a suite of SFX products in the United States to complement its collection of cutting edge lasers, laser accessories and smoke/fog solutions. The new product range, which includes Magic FX Confetti solutions and Sparkular Machines, debuted on One Republic’s 2017 Honda Civic Tour of North America.


Now in its 16th year, The Honda Civic Tour is an annual live event experience and concert series staged in collaboration with notable recording artists and performers.

This isn’t the first time ER Productions has worked with the platinum selling band and their highly inventive production team, helmed by Show Designer, Raj Kapoor, and Lighting Designer, Mark Butts. In 2016, ER’s Andrew Turner, created two show-stopping laser choreographies for One Republic at the HAARPA theatre in Iceland and the Apple Music Festival held in London’s Round House.

“We were approached Raj and Mark about putting together a full SFX package for the (forty-two date) tour. Lasers, Confetti, smoke and Pyro were on the menu and we jumped at the chance of using our new inventory of Confetti and Sparkular machines.”, says Turner. 

“Raj and Mark had a very clear vision for the laser rig and it was my job to help them realise it. After deciding upon the best laser fixtures for the job, we specified an all-encompassing laser package that integrated seamlessly into the massive lighting rig.”

Andrew specified sixteen of ER’s newly launched Kinekt lasers, a highly flexible modular solution that can be fully controlled by Beyond or DMX. This was complemented by fourteen, single beam, green Lase-Array fixtures, nine of the company’s new Storm lasers and ten, rotating diffraction mirrors, which were targeted from the Storm lasers’ truss. 

The Kinekts, which were positioned down stage left and right on diagonal trusses, were focussed over the audience. Five Storms were positioned on the stage deck, creating overhead audience effects. Three of the remaining Storm units were placed onto individual truss, creating stunning effects, which terminated onto the stage around the band. Opting to control the Kinekt and Storm fixtures with Beyond, Andrew created multiple projection zones.

Completing the rig, the green Lase-Array fixtures were placed onto two diagonal Mythos Trusses, which terminated onto the stage.

When it came to confetti, ER Productions didn’t scrimp, positioning four DMX controlled Magic FX Confetti Stadium Blasters in the pit and two further Blasters at FOH, pre-filled with Holgographic silver laser confetti. Eight Magic FX Stadium Shot II units filled with Red Powderfetti joined the Stadium Blasters in the pit. 

Completing the SFX package, ER rigged eight of its newly acquired Sparkular Machines across the upstage line with a further six across the downstage edge. “An important direction in the brief was that we needed to be able to control the atmospheric effects, bringing the fog levels up or down rapidly as required.” To achieve the clients’ vision for the sultry, smoky show, Andrew specified six Viper deLuxe smoke machines and four Unique Hazers from Look Solutions.”, Turner continues.

“With a huge laser and effects package and multiple venues in the tour, our dedicated team faced each challenge with professionalism, pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve - I couldn’t be prouder of this project.”, he concludes.

Ryan Hagan, co founder of ER Productions adds, “Our team has worked incredibly hard on this tour and we’re thrilled with how the new SFX range performed.  We look forward to collaborating with the Raj and Mark on future projects.”

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