Ozzy Osbourne

2018 World Tour


The Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, continues his farewell World Tour, with No More Tours 2, celebrating five decades as a singer and songwriter. ER Productions have been providing lasers and special effects for the rock legend across South America, North America and Europe, giving fans an incredible and visually powerful experience.


This is not the first time ER Productions have had the pleasure of working with Ozzy, and his Production Manager, George Reeves. In 2014, ER supplied 5 25w RGB heads and 30 Beamburst units for Black Sabbath’s headline performance at London’s British Summertime Festival, in Hyde Park, so  was delighted to be commissioned as the official supplier of lasers and special effects for Ozzy’s final World Tour. 

No More Tours 2, kicked off in Jacksonville, on 27 April 2018, headlining the first night of the three-day Welcome to Rockville festival. During the summer, the team has travelled across South America and Europe, with the third leg continuing in North America.

Ozzy is a well-known showman, and the brief was to give his fans a mind-blowing show to remember. He told Rolling Stone magazine, “I’m not retiring” and that he will continue to do gigs, but this is his last world tour, so it had to be spectacular.

ER Productions worked with creatives, Lighting Director, Michael Keller and Lighting Designer, Terry Cook, to create an epic show, using the very latest in laser and SFX equipment. To complement the lasers SFX and lighting, event company, Tait Towers, constructed a huge, custom-made 3D video cross into the set, incorporating video screens, supplied by Solotech, as well as a bespoke foam gun for Ozzy’s use, throughout the show.

ER Productions positioned 12 Phaenon 30w RGBY lasers in key locations, so that whilst they seamlessly blend in with the set and lighting rig, they deliver an unbelievably striking display. Throughout the set list, ER has over 200 meticulously timed laser cues, operated using Pangolin BEYOND Control.  

Audience exposure effects are used during “Suicide Solution” and “Mama I’m Coming Home”. 4 Phaenons appear to decend from the heavens, creating a white laser cage that houses Ozzy during “No More Tears”. 

The special effects bring the house down for the finale, during the Black Sabbath song, “Paranoid”.  96 sleeves of red, black and white streamers blast from 8 x Stadium Shot 2, fired using wireless Galaxis Control.

ER’s Laser Technician, Alex Oita, commented, “Ozzy is one of the artists I grew up listening to, so working on this show is one of the highlights of my career.

Musically, it’s a live ‘old-school’ metal show, but technically, it’s completely up to date with state-of-the-art lasers, lighting and video. It’s a full-on, fantastic show, and a great team to be part of.”

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