Take That

Beautiful, World Tour


This huge tour was not without its moments of tension but spending time planning with show Director, Kim Gavin, and Lighting Designer, Simon Tutchner, prior to rehearsals at Elstree, was definitely time well spent.

The 12-week tour required four high-powered lasers, two green and two full colour, all of which were used in two key Take That tracks.

For the first track, Rule the World, which is the the soundtrack to the film Stardust, ER Productions created a laser roof effect to cover a bridge that Gary, Mark, Howard, and Jason walked across. Once in position it was ER’s responsibility to cover the arena with 1000s of stars using all four lasers and twenty rotating diffraction grating mirrors. The effect was so striking that the Sun newspaper commented, “New song Rule the World was performed with a stunning backdrop of shooting stars and green lasers, which lit up Belfast’s Odyssey Arena.”

The second track was an upbeat dance version of Give Good Feeling. Lasers were used to give the set the feel of an Ibiza club night. ER pre-programmed a six minute, fully choreographed laser show using a comprehensive control system. Although each laser had its own control, enabling independent movement, the lasers were networked together and controlled manually FOH by a single lap top.

Tying the entire arena show together were all-important atmospheric effects. Anyone that has tried to fill a huge arena with smoke will understand the problems this presents; however, ER Productions overcame potential complications using six ZR 33, high mass smoke machines. With individual fans positioned strategically around the arena controlled by a small console FOH, ER Productions was able to create lasting atmospheric effects that weren’t immediately blown away by the venue’s air conditioning system!

The tour was a huge success and ER Productions have been asked to accompany the show for their live broadcast on New Year’s Eve at the O2 Arena, London.