The ATOLLA range of RGB Diode Lasers, named after the ‘luminescent jellyfish’, comprises of the AT-10, AT-20, AT-30 and AT-60. All AT series lasers have in-built FB4, as well as gigabit network switches for linking of systems. Network and DMX allow the user to add a Kinekt, Strike-ER or Beam-ER easily and efficiently and all AT bodies have the Kinekt bracket on the top and bottom so you can connect fixtures quickly and easily.

ER wanted to compliment the Kinekt series with higher powered scanning options to provide its clients with versatile design options as well as excellent functionality in programming. Combined, the Kinekt and ATOLLA series is the most advanced modular laser system in the world.


Laser Type: RGB Diode
Wavelengths: 445, 520, 637
Beam Diameter: 5.5mm
Beam Divergence: 1.1mrad 
NOHD: 1517mt
FX: 60 degreeX/Y Scanning
Input: Pangolin FB4 - Art-Net and BEYOND
Electrical Input: 100 to 240v
Power Consumption: 1000W
Weight: 23.65KG
Dimensions: 406 X 255 X 197mm


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