Stun the crowds with up to 8m of vertical flames, with G-Flame.

G-Flame is a flame projector, that can emit flames from 3-8m high, to help create a stunning stage show. 

Perfect for use indoor or outdoor, this versatile product means you can adjust the height of the flame for small or large scale events.

Controlled using a DMX controller or an optional wireless controller, the G-Flame can by synced with music, lighting and other special effects for a staggering pyro display.



Manufacturer: Galaxis
Effect Type: Flame
Power: Battery 12v 7ah
Voltage: 18v DC Max 400ma
Weight: 10.50kg
Control Type: Galaxis, DMX
Consumption: Gas cartridges 600ml, Aerosol 500ml LPG propane
Effect height: Up to 8m
Effect duration: Dependant on set up
Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm x 350mm


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