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ER HQ: Building Completed

The new ER HQ building is externally finished and has been officially handed over to ER Productions!

Building work on all 30,000sq ft of the ER HQ has been completed, as well as the external landscaping and carpark. Inside, the expansive warehouse space is impressive, with double-fronted entrance and windows overlooking the River Thames, and two large loading-bay doors that lead from The Dock to outside.


The building has been fitted-out with sustainability in mind, with electric car charge points in the carpark at the front, as well as solar panels on the warehouse roof that feed into the mains power. Installing the Rolec EV Charging Pedestal means that staff can be supported in their transition to driving an electric vehicle, and visitors have the freedom to travel to the facility in their electric or hybrid car and have a charged vehicle for their commute home. ER Productions have also installed a Solis on-grid Solar Inverter as the ‘brains’ of the building’s solar energy system, converting the DC output of the solar panels into the AC required for the building’s mains electrical system.


ER Productions look forward to showcasing the exciting capabilities of The Dock space during an invitational Open Day in at the start of 2022 – so stay tuned for more details!

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