The CRYO-FOG is a powerful low fog machine: a fog generator, a fan and a cooling chamber built into a compact flightcase (67 x 51 x 30 cm) with space next to the fog generator to hold a 5ltr can of fluid. Liquid COis used to cool down the fog of the inbuilt low temperature fog generator. Therefore the machine produces thick low fog which disperses evenly.


The machine is powerful enough to fill even big stages with low fog within a short time. The liquid CO2 is delivered from a low pressure tank (20 - 24 Bar) which is connected to the machine via a hose.


The intelligent technology ensures that the fogging process will not start before the cooling chamber has reached the right temperature. As a result, no "warm" fog - which will rise up - can escape from the machine.


The CRYO-FOG benefits from its compact size, light weight, powerful output, low noise and easy operation.


Manufacturer: Look Solutions
Procedure: Vaporizing Fog machine with cooling chamber
Total Requirement: 2300 Watt / 1700 Watt (120v)
Power Requirement: 2000 Watt / 1400 Watt (120v)
Voltage: 230v / 50hz - 120v / 60Hz
Warm Up Time: 7mins
Fluid Consumption: 100ml/min @ 100% - 40ml/min @ 50%
CO2 Consumption: 2kg/min
Fluid Tank Capacity: 5ltr
Fog Output: Adjustable in 99 Steps
Fogging Time: Continuous Output
Control: DMX 512, 0-10v analogue, Standalone Mode
Temperature Control: Microprocessor
Overheating Protection: Heater block/thermostat, Pump/Thermal Switch
Dimensions (LxWxH): 67x51x30 cm
Weight (KG): 28


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