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ER Productions offer full design and visualisation services. We use WYSIWYG, Depence²  and Finale 3D for visualisation Depence² is a unique application, which combines the design and visualsation process with the potential to control the real show. The rendering engine of Depence² uses latest technologies to simulate multimedia installations with realistic results.

With show design becoming more and more complex, using more and more varieties of different elements and media, Depence² is the ideal platform to control and pre-vis your entire show. All physical and controlling characteristics of the equipment are simulated with real-­time accuracy.


Depence² eliminates the guess work out of visualising your designs.

Whether using our own designs or populating an existing design Depence2 really has increased our capacity to visualise the creativity of everyone we work with .

All our FOH control systems have Depence2 on-board so we have full capacity to programme off-line and or during daylight hrs.

We can also offer rental of our bespoke visualisation suites in our new HQ. Both have been fitted with 2 Visualisation suites complete with Depence² , WYSWYG and 4mt wide 4k screens.

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