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Dubai World cup

Dubai Racing Club, HQ Worldwide Shows and ourselves on becoming the NEW Guinness World Records holders for #TheWorldsLargestLaserShow.

The previous record was set in Las Vegas by our U.S Office in November 2017 and we used 822 laser outputs.

The new world record produced on March 27th 2021 has been set at 824 laser outputs.

The show marked the closing ceremony of the Dubai_world_cup. 11 tonnes of laser heads were used, which included our new beam fixture the BEAM-ER, Control and Atmospherics.

Working closely with Creative Director, Daz Jamieson, ER Productions supplied 72 x BB4, 50 x BB3, 70 x KINEKTS, 70 x BEAM-ER, 16 x Phaenon 30xPro, 60 x Lasearray and 30 x Viper Deluxe Smoke Machines.

ER Productions also supplied a Depence2 Visualisation Suite which allowed us to programme through the day.

A huge thank you to Daz Jamieson, Katie Veira, Rudi Massie, Louay Al Qaissi and of course our team on the ground, led by Project Manager, Mark Payne, Tech and Systems Design by Tom Vallis and programming by Alex Oita and Harry Boyde.

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