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Stadium Shot X-treme is a powerful compressed air cannon, ideal for shooting confetti or streamers for large outdoor events and shows. This special effects machine shoots confetti/streamer loads of up to 8 kg 30 metres far and 15-25 polybags of streamers 25-40 metres far. The MAGICFX® X-treme Shot is equipped with a 68 litre air pressure tank and is intended for outdoor use.

Manufacturer: MAGICFX
Size (LxWxH): 97x71x10cm - Weight (KG): 157
Tank (Litres): 68L - Voltage: 12-24 VDC/110-230 VAC
Power: 20Watt
Control: Directly operated via DMX with switchpack
Consumption: Confetti or streamers
Max. Distance: Confetti - 20m, streamers - 35m, stadium Streamers - 50m
Capacity: 4-6kg confetti, 25 bags streamers 10mx5m, 15 bags stadium streamers 20m x 2.5cm

Stadium Shot X-treme

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