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50kg Double Winch

Winch 10 Cable

If you want an effective and flexible solution to develop your stage lighting design our Winch 10 Cable is the perfect solution. It is especially suited for lifting your electrical equipment like lamps, light bulbs etc. Create moving effects for any stage props including electrical elements.

You can seamlessly provide power to any scenic elements you want to create moving effects. Perfect for creating e.g. beautiful moving light effects for theatres, concerts etc.

The Winch 10 Cable has in the past been used to create very large and beautiful kinetic installations with great success. You can combine several winches to achieve a massive light effect that is great for big venues.

Control all movements and positions via DMX, which makes it a very versatile winch. You can control the movements of the Winch 10 Cable directly from the lighting desk to make the show exactly as want.

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