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The ATOLLA range of RGB Diode Lasers, named after the ‘luminescent jellyfish’, comprises of the AT-10, AT-20, AT-30 and AT-60. All AT series lasers have in-built FB4, as well as gigabit network switches for linking of systems. Network and DMX allow the user to add a Kinekt, Strike-ER or Beam-ER easily and efficiently and all AT bodies have the Kinekt bracket on the top and bottom so you can connect fixtures quickly and easily.

Laser Type: RGB Diode -Wavelengths: 445, 520, 637
Beam Diameter: 6.5mm -Beam Divergence: 1.0mrad
NOHD: 2043mt - FX: 60 degree, X/Y Scanning
Input: Pangolin FB4 - Art-Net and BEYOND
Electrical Input: 100 to 240v
Power Consumption: 1200W
Weight: 32.45KG - Dimensions: 438 X 310 X 224mm


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