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Cryo Launcher

The MagicFX CO2 Launcher is a simple to use 4 in one CO2 effect. Just pull the trigger to launch CO2, confetti, streamers or T-shirts. With the CO2LAUNCHER it is possible to create multiple effects from a single handheld unit. Fill the reload tube, load the gun and fire away all powered by CO2.

CO2 Launcher Specifications:

Size: 64 x 10,7 x 27,1 cm (LxWxH)
Weight: (KG) 5,5
Consumables: MAGICFX® Confetti / Streamers / Liquid CO2 0,42 kg/s
Range: T-Shirt up to 30 m / Streamers up to 20 m / Confetti up to 15 m

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