2nd Law Tour


The 2nd Law tour by British band, Muse, kicked off in October 2012 and supports the release of their latest album.

ER Productions supplied 8 Tripan lasers, six of which were rigged across the back of the stage. The remaining two Tripans were rigged on an overhead lighting truss and projected down onto a curved stage where the beams met 37 strategically placed mirrors creating a stunning reflection effect.

ER Productions worked closely with the designer and the band’s lead singer, Matt Bellamy, to create key laser looks for the show including a striking effect that required him to hold a custom designed diffraction grating.  Used during the intro to the song Follow Me, one of the overhead lasers was beamed onto the handheld line grating and reflected back up to Gods.

Other laser numbers in the show included the songs Madness and Survival.