UNIPOL 50-Years

Bologna, Italy


The Unipol Group is the second largest insurance group on the Italian market and amongst the top ten within Europe.  Founded in 1963, the company celebrated its 50-year anniversary in 2013 hosting a number of events in Bologna, the location of the company’s new headquarters, which included the inauguration of the UNIPOL Tower followed by a free concert and night of entertainment in the square outside the building.

ER Productions were given the task of connecting 50 iPad docks at the new head office containing information on UNIPOL’s 50-year history. A Blue laser beam system marked out each iPad station and over 60 mirrors were used to bounce the beams around the location, guiding guests on a voyage of discovery.

The 1.2 Watt blue beams can run continuously, fade in or out and offer rotating diffraction grating, which produces a number of effects. Highly versatile, the systems are controlled via DMX with a digital display, they are compact, lightweight (1.5kg each) and easy to transport. Connected to the Lase-Array, the units have robust safety features including Key Switch and ER Productions’ custom designed E-Stop Interface.