Pet Shop Boys

Electric Tour

Coachella 2014


One of the most popular music festivals in the U.S., ER Productions brought a full arsenal of laser power to the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, California to support the second leg of the Pet Shop Boys’ Electric tour.

The visually arresting show sees Tennant and Lowe and two dancers performing in front of a huge screen, which projects and transforms their silhouettes as well as other media. ER Productions rigged Phaenon RGB lasers, which include an internal gobo, with a number of laser mirrors to enhance the laser effects on stage.

In conjunction with the six lasers, sixteen rotating burst diffractions complimented the show aerial effects by encompassing the audience and drawing them in to the display. The Phaenon’s remote alignment feature was perfect for this event as it meant that the lasers could rigged in several different locations across the stage.