Reading & Leeds



ER Production’s calendar is always heaving during the summer months when music events peak.  This year, Reading and Leeds Festival turned out to be the busiest event in the ER summer schedule with 13 laser systems, 57 Lase-Array and 24 RGB Beamburst lasers rigged across 3 stages to accompany performances by Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, Nero and SBTKRT.  

Putting the fully stocked rig to good use, 12 Laser systems and 24 RGB Beamburst lasers featured on 8 of the band QOTSA’s songs and 44 Red Lase-Array were used during the Arctic Monkeys’ headline performance on the Saturday night.  Blue Lase-Array were used to add cage and aerial effects to Nero’s performance, whilst 18WRGBB lasers were during SBTKRT’s show.

As always, Viper deLuxe and Unique haze machines added all-important atmospheric effects to all of the laser displays throughout the course of the event.