Chemical Brothers

World Tour 2015


Having worked with the Chemical Brothers on many occasions over the years, ER Productions teamed up with the duo again in 2015 for their worldwide album tour, Born in the Echoes, which ran from June until December and included dates at Glastonbury and the Apple Music Festival at The Roundhouse.

Creatively speaking the show design sought to blur boundaries between the onscreen and physical world. To achieve this, the production and creative teams incorporated a mixture of visuals, lighting props and lasers to stunning effect.

ER Productions placed two Excellent 21 lasers at stage left and stage right, with Phaenon Pro 30000 lasers positioned centre stage and trained over the DJ hub, which created a laser cage effect around the DJs and made a focal point of their hub zone. The Chemical Brothers supplied two of their own laser systems. All lasers were controlled using DMX and Pangolin Beyond by ER Productions. 

To create one of the key laser effects in the show, ER Productions placed 4 custom built Beamburst lasers inside the eyes of two 4-metre tall, automated robot set pieces. Used during the Chemical Brothers’ performance of Under the Influence, laser beams emitted from the robot’s eyes bringing them to life and completing the effect.


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