Merge Festival



ER Productions merges sound and lasers at leading London festival.


Merge Festival brings together art, music and performance in the heart of London, and ER Productions is proud to have provided ground-breaking interactive special effects for the Bankside show.

Instead of just making lasers an atmosphere enhancing feature at the event, ER Productions placed them at the heart of the festival, by allowing festival goers to control the lasers themselves.

Members of the audience were given a special headset that monitored the electrical activity of their brain wavelengths. This data was interpreted in real-time by computer software, which visualised the information in the form of high-powered laser beams and sound composition.

Safety is paramount in this interactive setting, which is why ER Productions provided a comprehensive laser safety system, using an infra-red Safety Curtain and their custom designed and built ER E-Stop Interface to prevent any patrons getting close to the laser beams.

This boundary-pushing exhibit is just one of the reasons that Merge Festival has been international acclaimed; in 2013 it clinched the prize for best arts festival at the Proud Project Awards.

How we did it


watts of laser power